Winter golf can be very fun, and very interesting.

For the golf diehards who like to play golf all 12 months out of the year, this is for you.

Here are four tips to be ready to golf when snow is in the forecast this winter.

  1. Bundle up: You may sweat, but that’s good. Don’t just wear one puffy jacket either. Layer up. I like to wear a long sleeve, polo, jacket and vest. The worst thing you could do is loose a layer. It is hard to gain a layer when you are on the middle of the golf course.
  2. Buy some new balls: Playing golf in the snow can be problematic when you are playing with white golf balls. You lose your ball enough when you are playing in the summer, good luck in the snow. So you should probably invest in some colored balls. Yellow, orange and green balls will be a great help when you’re hiking through the snow.
  3. New gloves: That leather FootJoy glove you got isn’t going to work in the winter. Go to the store and buy some of those nice fuzzy black FootJoy gloves that go on both hands. You’ll be able to grip the club and your fingers will be nice and warm for your round.
  4. Wool socks: Trudging through the snow to find the ball you topped off the tee can cause for some really cold toes. Leather golf shoes are water proof and all but once that leather continues to get wet and cold, your feet may get frost bite. So go out and invest in some good wool socks so you have feeling in your feet after the round.

Golfing year round can have some positives when it comes to your golf game.

I honestly prefer a simulator, and staying warm.

But that aside, if you are crazy enough to want to go play in the dead of winter, here are a few things that are musts for your round.