The Best Things About Twilight Golf

The weather is starting to warm up and the sun is starting to set later in the day.

Things that make golfers smile from ear to ear.

With the later sunsets and warmer weather, comes twilight golf.

Here are the six best things about twilight golf.

  1. Price: 
    • Most courses are not going to charge you more than 20 bucks. Head out and play until you can’t see you ball in the thick rough. We all know you aren’t hitting fairways in May. This is a great affordable way for college kids on a budget to still be able to get out and keep that swing in tact.
  2. Pace of play: 
    • For the most part, if you are golfing at night, or on a week day – you aren’t terrible. Those are our favorite weekend warriors who top their 5 iron up the fairway until they get to the green and then four putt, oh and they don’t know the rules of golf and never offer you to play through. But twilight is a time usually for good golfers to practice for cheap or even league nights. So pace of play is usually great.Twilight Golf
  3. Exercise: 
    • Don’t get a cart. It is 9 holes. Get a little exercise and walk. Walking 9 holes after a long day of work might sound like the opposite of what someone wants to do, but when the sun is setting and it cools off to a cool 65 degrees and you are playing well. Nothing better in this world than walking up to a ball you just knocked close from 200 yards out.Twilight Golf
  4. The People: 
    • Like I said above, if you’re playing on a weekday night, you’re not a casual golfer (usually). The people there love the game and embrace the fact that the only way to get better, is to play. So don’t be scared to stop by your local course on the way home. Ask to play with a two some that is about to go out. You won’t regret it.
  5. Relaxing:
    • If you are married skip this one. Leaving work and heading to the course is a nice escape from life. You don’t have to go home and deal with the dishes or laundry (you will have to after), you can just go out and have a good time. When the sun finally sets and there is a nice cool breeze, it is a nice feeling after work.Twilight Golf
  6. Freedom:
    • Play 1 through 9, you feel good so you skip over to 15 and play in from there. And the nice part is no one cares. Everyone is doing it. People are just enjoying themselves trying to get some holes in. God forbid you did that on the weekend, the 80-year-old members would have a fit. “Where is your golf etiquette???!!!!”

For someone on a budget, or just looking to get better, twilight is the way to go.