10 Best Poll Questions Answered by the PGA Pros

Recently PGA Tour pros were surveyed to get an uncensored view of what they think of other tour pros and other hot topics around the game of golf.

Some of the results may be obvious and others may shock you.

Many of the questions were as simple as “Who has the best short game?” With the obvious popular opinion being Phil.

Here are the 10 best questions and answers from the poll.

Are you concerned that players are taking PEDs that are undetectable through a urine test?

  • NO: 84% | YES: 16%

This was interesting because the thought of PED’s has never really crossed many peoples mind when it comes to golf. But it is a valid thought. People thought the same about baseball years ago and we all know what happened there. We obviously don’t see any WWE-like bodies on the PGA Tour so this seems to be not many people are taking them.  One anonymous player was quoted as saying “They might be, but I’m not worried about it.” Seems to be popular opinion in the golf world.

Should the PGA Tour break from the USGA and play by its own rules?

  • YES: 62% | NO: 34% | No comment: 4%

Another great question that may be something that improves the game. People get comfortable with things and kind of go with the flow. But if the PGA says enough is enough and adopts their own rules it could add a fun spin to the game. Kind of like how NBA has their own rules separate to the international basketball rules used in the Olympics.

Should the USGA and the PGA of America move their events from Donald Trump-owned courses?

PGA Tour

  • NO: 88% | YES: 4% | Don’t care: 8%

A hot topic in golf has been the fact they pulled a tournament from Doral and put a tournament at a place in Mexico that they have never played and messed up the Florida swing. Well seems like players wouldn’t care if they played Doral. A player said in the survey “No. Politics aside, they should secure the best possible venue.”

Does golf belong in the Olympic Games?

  • YES: 68% | NO: 30% | Don’t Know: 2%

Golf being reintroduced into the Olympics last year seemed to be quite the hit. And with the players too. Later in the survey they were asked if it should change to a team event like the Ryder Cup and 80% said yes.

Does Rory (McIlroy) lift too much?

PGA Tour

  • NO: 66% | YES: 22% | No Comment: 12%

All the old time golfers seem to be intimidated at the fact that Rory is in shape and wears tight polo shirts to show it off. Clearly muscle is going to help him hit the ball further. As long as he doesn’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger he should be fine.

Is slow play a problem on the PGA Tour?

  • YES: 84% | NO: 16%

One of the arguments as of late has been that people are turned off from golf because of how long it takes to play and watch. Well it looks like the pros agree, one even adding in “Rookies are too slow because they overanalyze everything.”  Interesting take.

Does the modern ball fly too far?

  • NO: 70% | YES: 30%

Technology is getting better and better by the minute. With that comes new golf balls that seem to be flying further and further. Although 70% said yes many players had added comments including “We’re stuck. We need to either make courses longer or the ball shorter.” Titleist won’t like these comments. TopFlite will love them though.

Would you be willing to wear a microphone during a competitive round for the TV broadcast?

  • YES: 52% | NO: 44% | Maybe: 4%

Getting closer to the player and their personality seems to be a growing trend. Adding microphones to players would enhance this hearing their comments after good shots/bad shots and their interaction with their caddie. And we would here the obvious words every golfer utters after a bad shot. “Sure…just give me two years to practice not cussing.” Said one PGA pro when asked about the topic.

Would you rather win one time a year on Tour for the next decade or win the Masters but never win another event in your career?

  • Once a year: 60% | One Masters: 36% | Can’t Decide: 4%

Personally I would think the Masters would be the golden prize in a golfer’s eye. But when you think logically (money), winning once for the next decade is probably the safe bet.

Will Tiger win another major?

PGA Tour

  • NO: 72% | YES 16% | Hope so: 8% | Don’t know: 4%

It seems like everyone on planet earth wants Tiger to succeed and win. Kind of a last go around before he calls it quits. But the more he withdraws from tournaments and refuses to even stand at a podium because of back pain. It seems like that dream is getting less likely by the day.

The PGA is in a good place and hearing what the players have to say is always refreshing.