Golfers are athletes too.
So I was wondering what a NBA starting five would look like, if you used PGA Tour players.
Here is my rendition of my starting five, plus my sixth man.

Point Guard: Rickie Fowler
Fowler is a great athlete, competing in motocross at a young age. He is a multi faceted athlete who would be a great man to run the point for this team. He’s a smart guy who would turn the ball over very little and the chemistry with Justin Thomas at shooting guard would make a lethal combo. NBA Comparison: Isaiah Thomas

Shooting Guard: Justin Thomas
The ultimate competitor, the ultimate teammate. Thomas would be the perfect team player to hit threes on the floor. He went to Alabama, not a very good basketball school but I am sure he gets shots up with the spring break boys all the time. Fowler and Thomas would have almost twin telepathy on the course and make the duo unstoppable. NBA Comparison: J.J Barea

Small Forward: Tony Finau
Cousins with NBA player Jabari Parker, basketball is in this guy’s blood. He stands at 6’4” 200 pounds so he is big enough to defend on the wing and anyone driving for a layup. Multiple videos have come out over the years of him dunking, so running the fast break with him would be easy. He would be the heart beat of the offense. NBA Comparison: Victor Oladipo

Power Forward: Dustin Johnson
6’4” 190 pounds is just the man you need in the new NBA. Someone who can box out but also play on the perimeter and hit the open 3’s. At an Adidas event Johnson beat NBA legend Shane Battier in a 3-point shootout. So not only could he dunk it, he can hit the open threes. NBA Comparison: Kent Bazemore

Center: Jason Kokrak
You can’t just have height in your lineup, you need a little weight to throw some people around. Kokrak is a big dude standing at 6’4” 225 pounds. This guy will be a 20 points 20 rebounds guy every night. NBA Comparison: Jae Crowder

6th Man: Brooks Koepka
What better than a 6 footer that weighs 185 to come off the bench that can play the point guard, and the shooting guard. He is a ripped guy who lives in the gym and a great athlete. He has a mean streak to him too, so he’ll be the heartbeat of the team. NBA Comparison: Patrick Beverley
Not much height, but a lot of athletes.
Put us against the Nets, we might win one.