Crisp Fall Weather Is Perfect For Golfing

Fall is finally here, it seemed like summer was never going to end.

So the leaves are changing and falling off trees, and the temperature is dropping, but with all the benefits come the negatives.

Here are some of the pros and cons of playing golf in the fall.


Weather: A nice quarter zip jacket and pants and you are comfy as can be. Rather than sitting in the cart in mid-August with sweat dripping off your hat. But it’s not November when you wish you had doors and a heater on your golf cart.

Pace of play: A good majority of golfers pack it in after September. They had enough of the game for the year. This is good for us guys who like to play until you are lugging through snow. The amount of play on the course is less and the pace of play speeds up with less groups. The casual weekend warrior golfers are pretty much gone.

Your game: End of the season and you have had a solid 5-6 months of golf. And you are playing out of your mind lately. You are hitting the ball so well and making putts left and right. Only problem is your about to take a few month break where your swing may go a little off course (no pun intended). Unless you are lucky enough to have a simulator at your house.


LEAVES EVERYWHERE: You hit a gorgeous shot and somehow the leaf monster eats your ball and you have no clue where the hell it went. Of course the leaf is curve shaped so it covers your ball perfectly and you are screwed. Time to break out those high visibility balls. Make sure you hit your ball into the fairway, even then good luck friend.

Weather: Tee times in the morning are starting to feel like Christmas morning. The wind is crisp and you are shivering for most of your round. Bundle up, winter is coming.

Dark: It seems like the sunsets at around 4pm. You tee off anytime after 2 pm and you are praying to get 18 in and be able to see your ball on the final couple holes. Just hope you can hit the ball straight for those couple of holes.

Season change and sometimes that is good, sometimes it is bad. So get as much golf in this fall as you can and hope your scores continue to go lower in 2018.