Benefits and Negatives of Golfing Alone

Sometimes you text all the buddies you always play golf with and ask if they are up for a round.

Sadly, not all the time people have the same schedule, within your friend group that is.

Playing a round of golf by yourself can be a real relaxing time and pretty fun, but strangers, sometimes have the same schedule as you.

In this case, sometimes you meet up with them on the first tee and decide to just play together.

This can be the best thing ever, or literally the worst thing ever.

Here we elaborate the pains and gains of playing with a random guy.

The Benefits

  1. Meet new people: Ever sit at work and start to talk about golf with your co workers and they look at you like an alien? Yeah, same here. That sucks. And your friends aren’t always there to talk. So what better than meeting another person that is passionate about the game. Who knows maybe you’ll play together again in the near future.
  2. Great conversation: For the first couple holes it is all about getting to know each other, asking personal information and just base stuff when you meet people. This is good because by hole 17 and 18 it is still strong conversation. Not just “Hey good shot man”.
  3. New competition: Match play is a fun way to spice up the game of golf. But when you are your buddies play the same course, and each of you dominate your own respective hole, it can get boring. I play with a few guys all of the time and it seems like the same guys win the same holes. With a new player it is a whole new ball game.

The Downfalls

  1. A bad golfer: You just got out of work and all you want to do is play nine in an hour before the dark. Fast play and good shots will help you along and beat the dark. You get to the first tee and you think you are going to get it done even with a new partner. He steps up onto the tee box and tops his first drive to the women’s tees and swears he just needs to warm up. By hole 7 it is pitch black and he has taken countless divots the size of a chipmunk.
  2. An awkward guy: “Hey man my name is Brandon, first time playing here?” “Nope.” Uhhh okay dude this is going to be an awkward couple hours. No matter what you ask him its one word responses and he just doesn’t really want to talk.
  3. Annoying guy: You are playing with a guy who actually might be a 10 handicap and after every shot he thinks he is Hank Haney. Shut up dude. This is the absolute worse when playing with a random guy who thinks he is the greatest thing ever has to be the worse.

Heading to the course alone can be fun, but be careful you can might get paired with a bad partner, but you may also get blessed with a good one.