9 Hole Courses

Sometimes it is nice to play a new course.
So you get on your little device and start searching for some courses near you, something new.
You find a pretty nice one, but it is a 9-hole track.
Is that a good thing or bad thing?
Here are the pros and cons of playing a 9-hole course.

1. Only 9 holes: Sometimes you just want to get 9 holes in. Problem is, when you get done with 9 holes you see the next 9 and want to play more. The nice thing about 9 holes is that you feel like you finished a round. There is nothing left for you to accomplish.

2. Nice mix of holes: When you play a 18-hole course sometimes the front 9 can be loaded with par 4’s or lack par 5’s. With a 9-hole course you get a nice mix of them all because they only have 9 holes to fit it all in.

3. Pace of play: Unless you live in the middle of nowhere and it is the only course near you, most people dislike 9-hole courses so they tend to stay away. Better for you, the course will be relatively clear and you will get your round done in good enough time to fire up the grill for dinner.

4. Multiple tees: If you’re only playing 9, most of the time there is 5-6 different tees to choose from so you can really challenge yourself or mix it up each hole if you’re out having some fun.

1. Only 9 holes: Weird how the pro and the con can start off the same. Well sometimes you want to play 18 and playing holes over again can be a drag. No fun in playing the same hole twice, you will most likely play it better the second time around now you know what the green is like and which side of the green is the better side to land it.

2. Tees: Sometimes you get lucky and a course will have a decent amount of tees. For that crappy course that doesn’t, you get stuck playing the EXACT tees again and it can get boring.

3. Expectations: Wow, you birdied 1,2 and 4 on the front 9. You are stoked. Problem is when you play them over on the back, you are going to expect the same results because, well, it’s the same hole. But you end up bogeying and double bogeying them on the back and your sand wedge is now on the bottom of the water hazard on 4.

Love them or hate them, 9-hole courses are good for the game because it can show the non-golfer that a quick 9 hole is doable and fun.