Cell Phone Etiquette On The Golf Course

Ahh, cell phones. They make life so easy. Call, text and look up things whenever you so please.

With todays technology worrying about how many minutes you have used or how much data you have burned through are a thing of the past. But sometimes, cell phones can be a burden.

Here are the pros and cons of cell phones on the course.

Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way.


  1. Loud

Oops, John forgot to turn his ringer off. And it just so happened his wife called in your other playing partners back swing. Now they are yelling and causing a scene. Keep your phone on, but turn off the ringer.

  1. On It

There is nothing worse in golf, other than 3 putts, than someone on their phone. Golf is a somewhat social sport so between shots you talk, get to know one another or even gossip. But when your partner is scrolling through Facebook watching cat videos, it can be a drag. Or even worse, when it is their turn to hit and they are on their phone not paying attention.

  1. On the Loose

Keeping your phone in that little compartment makes sense. Not when you like to drive like a mad man. I have lost my phone so many times golfing. One time I never found it. If you are going to have it out, keep track of it.

Now for the brighter side of things.


  1. Music

A growing trend in the golf world is Bluetooth speakers in the cart. I love it. Give me some Toby Keith and I might break 80. This would be impossible without our amazing little devices.

  1. GPS/Scorecard

Screw that paper thing from the pro shop. There are so many apps out there now that will track your handicap, GIR, fairways hit and putts per round, it is crazy. On top of that most of the apps on your phone have thousands of courses downloaded for GPS also.

  1. Pictures

Playing a signature hole? Screw it, snap me a picture for my Facebook. Phone cameras have come a long way from the flip phone days. Now phone cameras are better than some digital cameras.

Cell phones can be our best friends, or worst enemies on a golf course. Take advantage of them, don’t abuse them.