Top 10 Golf Social Media Accounts

New to social media? Or are you just tired of seeing the same posts by the same boring accounts?

Here are 10 social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram you will love if you love golf.

  1. No Laying Up

This account is pretty active on Twitter and Instagram @NoLayingUp has a combined 90 thousand followers between the two accounts. They are mostly a comedy account that tweets updates but with a funny spin. The unique thing about this account is they have a relationship with Justin Thomas, Smylie Kaufman and Jordan Spieth exchanging tweets back and forth more often than not. They also have a podcast available on the ITunes store.

  1. Skratch

Skratch makes some of the funny golf videos on the market. They have a following of about 40 thousand people between the two platforms and they don’t disappoint. They recently posted a video on their Instagram (@skratchtv) of Charles Barkley talking about how bad he is at golf, but they spun it so it sounds like a rap song and the video is him chunking shots with his ugly swing. They also tweet out a good dose of GIF’s on their Twitter account.

  1. CartBarnGuys

It is exactly what is sounds like. An Instagram account of a golf course in the eyes of the Cart Barn Guys. This account can be found on Instagram and has unreal content. From on course videos of members, to videos of people hitting balls on the driving range and beautiful pictures of the course they work at. They entertain their nearly 70 thousand followers with giveaways, trick shots and the occasional Tiger Woods throwback posts. These guys are also pretty funny on Snapchat if you have an account they are worth friending @cartbarnguys

Golf Cart Crash
Photo by: Cartbarnguys

  1. Golf Junk Drawer

This account flies a bit under the radar, but it is one of the coolest golf accounts on Instagram. They only have around 2,000 followers but those followers found a hidden gem. This account gets pictures sent to them by fans of assortments of things they have collected over the years from different courses. They usually post a spread of a scorecard, ball marker, divot tool, ball, yardage book and much more. The courses submitted have ranged from the Los Angeles Golf Club, Dedham Country and Polo Club, Wollaston Golf Club and much more.

  1. PGA Tour

This kind of seems like a no brainer. On their Twitter you will get updates for the tournament that week, Instagram you will get cool pictures and coverage from that week. But where the PGA Tour’s social media team really takes off is its Snapchat account. Snapchat recently developed a technology called spectacles and they make it look as if you’re their yourself, almost virtual reality. They use them from time to time and when they aren’t they are usually following the featured group that day giving you an up close look at PGA Tour pros. But when they use the spectacles it is awesome. They once had Phil Mickelson wear them as he swung. Pretty cool to see. Check out their Snapchat @pgatoursnaps

  1. Channing Benjamin

World traveler/golfer/photographer makes for some awesome pictures on this Instagram account. From aerial shots of the beautiful PGA West to sunsets over Indian Springs Golf Club, this account has some awesome pictures.

Landscaped Golf Course Photo by: Channing Benjamin’s Instagram

  1. Breaking Eighty

The name doesn’t quite say it all, obviously every amateur golfer is trying to break 80. That is a golfers “I made it” moment. This account is run by Sean Ogle and he is trying to play the Top 100 courses in the world. In doing that, he posts pictures from some of the most unique and exclusive courses in the world. He has posted pictures from Riviera, four different Trump courses, Boston Golf Club, Chambers Bay and many many more. With 895 posts you could go through the gorgeous pictures for awhile.

  1. Paige Renee

Young girls have quickly turned Instagram into almost a career. Getting paid to promote certain products because of how big their following is. Paige mixes in a little modeling with golf. She golfs in attire you wouldn’t see the average LPGA golfer wearing and she has a right to do so, she’s pretty hot. She also posts workout videos and things from her everyday life. She is no slouch on the course either, the San Diego State alum has carded multiple rounds of 65 and her best round is a 62 at Sycuan Golf Resort.

Social Media

Paige Spiranac Instagram

  1. Patrick Koenig

Another great follow if you love a good picture of a golf hole. @PJKoenig entertains around 45 thousand people with his awesome pictures of courses that range from the LA Country Club, Merion, and even Whistling Straits. Fill your feed with awesome pictures and hit the follow button on this guy. You won’t regret it.

  1. Kevin Van Valkenburg

If you like NFL, you follow Adam Schefter. If you like NBA, you follow Zach Lowe. If you like MLB, you follow Ken Rosenthal. If you like golf, you need to follow Kevin Van Valkenberg on Twitter. He’s the go to for tournament updates and golf stories as he is a senior golf writer for ESPN. For all golf updates you would be stupid not to follow @kvanvalkenburg.

This list should get you started if you’re new to social media. For any more suggestions tweet me @brandonwilfore on Twitter and I can give you a much longer list. Us millennials are good at the whole social media thing,