The PGA Show in Orlando that occurs each year is the center of the golf universe for everything new that the game has to offer, each and every year. So, it makes sense that one could find just about anything in almost every golf category related to the game in every imaginable design, style and color. With all of the great outerwear available today in the game of golf, it is ironic that no one has paid much attention to what goes under all these great styles, especially for men, who make up over 85% of the market. Now, a Canadian company called 2UNDR has changed everything you ever thought about men’s underwear and how it should function, feel and perform in golf and your every day life.

2UNDR began with the vision to design underwear that was, quite simply, anatomically perfect for the male body. For eternity, men’s underwear has either crammed your gear into tight briefs or let it all hang out in boxer style designed products. Either way, it has never been a perfect solution for support, function, feel and wearability.

Jeff Williams, of Rampion Enterprises, a Vancouver-based company that made its mark as a distributor of many large brands for more than 30 years, decided to build a better pair of underwear. The result was 2UNDR, a stretch boxer-brief with an innovative addition to it: the Joey Pouch. Quite simply, the Joey Pouch is a better place to keep your gear that feels comfortable, looks good and functions perfectly under any conditions.

2UNDR has dramatically changed the way that we think about underwear, as well as how it should feel and function. On day one at the 2015 PGA Show, I met Jeff Williams, VP of Marketing for 2UNDR, and he handed me the Swing Shift 2UNDR product and simply said, “See me at the show tomorrow and let me know what you think.”

A day later, I saw him and thanked him for introducing me to the only underwear that I will ever wear again for the rest of my life.

Gear Shift

2UNDR is manufactured using the highest technology standards. The company uses Coldskin by Garmatex, a high performance thermal reduction fabric that promotes extra cooling and quick drying that feels like a built in air-conditioner. The company offers three distinct styles to fit your personal needs: The Swing Shift, made with the finest Beechwood fiber in the signature Modal fabric, The Day Shift, made with Modal cotton blend and the Gear Shift (shown to the left), made with Coldskin and an athletic cut for a more active lifestyle. This high-performance thermal-reduction fabric promotes extra cooling where excess heat builds up- reducing the body temperature by 3 to 6 degrees.


All 2UNDR underwear provides the patented Joey Pouch (shown to the right) to protect your valuable assets with care with no-drip-tip moisture protection. In addition, the garment has an easy access fly and the highest quality stitching and waistband.

So, here is the take on 2UNDR: Go home, get online, and buy at least 6 pairs of the only underwear you will ever wear for the rest of your life. Clean out your old underwear drawer of all the cotton, spandex, boxers, briefs and any euro styles as well. You will not be using any of them any more. I, for one, was sold only 1 hour after I put my first pair on. Finally, someone has brought men a little attention to detail in the world of underwear that has been dominated by women forever. Did I forget to mention that they look great, feel great, are sexy and enhance the equipment we were born with. Plus, chick’s dig them… big time. Need I say more?