John Iacono was shopping for a black golf glove one day, but was not having any luck as all gloves on the shelf were only offered in white. Even more frustrating was not finding the correct size glove in the style he wanted. So, the long-time golfer decided to do the next best thing. He set out to design a new glove. But Iacono knew he had to take it a step further.

“There were tons of gloves available for golfers, so I had to set my glove apart in order to be successful. And, I knew I wanted to add color,” Iacono said, “Then I had the idea to use compression technology to create a Universal compression fit in one size.”

What followed was the creation of the Zero Friction Compression Golf Glove. Iacono is President and CEO of Zero Friction

Zero Friction’s original compression glove (a mix of synthetic leather and elastic, plus black mesh lycra around the fingers) was released in seven different colors with models for Men, Ladies, and Juniors.

“We unveiled the glove at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Our booth was buzzing, people were pleading to buy product on the spot and we were taking hundreds of orders,” said Iacono.

“It continues to be a great glove, but we decided to expand our product line,” stated Iacono. The company recently released the new Storm All Weather Golf Gloves (rain & cold) and a pure 100-percent Cabretta leather glove.

Attendees at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando January 20-23 will have the opportunity to try on Zero Friction’s original compression glove, as well as the two new gloves. Zero Friction will be participating in Tuesday’s Demo Day on Tee Box 2, and in the three-day trade show from booth #2773.

“We look forward to introducing our two new gloves and believe they will be as popular as our original glove,” Iacono said.

For more information, visit zerofriction.com