What did we do before the Back9Network?! This television network and media company offers a fresh perspective on the golf lifestyle and its worldwide influence. With its variety of programs, features and fashions, interviews and more; we LOVE the Back9Network and here are 9 reasons why:back9network

1) Their mission statement:
“Growing the game of golf through the inclusion of all people.” This is great because not only does this network tailor their content to heavy-duty golf fans, but also to people who may just admire the sport but have rarely picked up a club. It’s those on-the-fence people that will fall in love with the game of golf through the unique portrayal of it by the Back9Network.

2) Their shows:
Ahmad Rashad, Ball Hogs, Golf Treasures, Off Par, The Clubhouse, The Turn, and my personal favorite, Does It Drive? All of these shows are what make up this wonderful network. They incorporate quirky personalities while still being factual and relevant. Does It Drive? is a classic example of this. Each week Charles Everett picks a new item and asks the simple question, does it drive? One week, they chose a Red Bull can and had Mike Dobbyn drive it to answer their question. Answer? No, Red Bull does not drive. Tune in to see some more hilarious examples.

3) Their unique media focus on golf coverage:
“Back9Network was developed as a complementary alternative to traditional media’s focus on professional golf tournament coverage. Focused on compelling storytelling, interesting personalities and characters, features and fashions, interviews and instruction, travel, gear and so much more, fans of all kinds will want to hang with the Back9Network.” …and we sure do want to hang with the Back9Network. This is a network that never leaves a dull moment and always keeps their audiences attention.

4) They’re appealing to a younger crowd:
This is a company that is mainly comprised of young people writing for young people. Back9Network is revitalizing the game of golf again, which is exactly what it needs. Many golf programs are a tad boring and drawn out. But Back9Network offers shows and programs that add life to golf which in turn appeals to a younger audience.

5) They’re making a difference in Hartford:
Back9Network’s headquarters is in Hartford, CT where they opened a $7 million TV network studio in Constitution Plaza right downtown. The 6,500-square-foot state-of-the-art studio is located in the space formerly held by Spris restaurant, and has provided the central business district the unique TV broadcast tenant that it has been missing since WFSB Channel 3 moved from Hartford to Rocky Hill in 2007. By reopening the station, Back9Network has put Hartford back on the map and has only reiterated the fact that Connecticut is the best destination for growing sports networks.

6) They’re making it half about golf and half about having fun:
One of the first things you see when you walk into their headquarters is a bar. If this isn’t saying something about how lively this company is, then I don’t know what will. Back9Network takes their love for the game of golf seriously but portrays it in a way that isn’t so serious all the time. They like to emphasize the fun of golf and proves that golf networks don’t always have to be bogged down by straight facts.

7) They’re willing to take chances:
Nobody on TV these days wants to go out on a limb. In this hypersensitive world we live in today, everyone is afraid of offending someone. But Back9Network likes to take it to the edge, which is why we love them. They go above and beyond and this is what makes them a unique golf network. Not all of their shows are typical recapping of tournaments, they mix it up and play around with new and fresh ideas.

8) They’re informative yet hysterical:
Back9network tells us what’s going on in the golf world while still making us laugh at the same time. What other golf network can you say the same about? It’s informative without too much emphasis on boring facts.

9) Their awesome cast of characters and people who make this network great:
Charles Everett, Sam Snowdon, Steve Kocell, Ahmad Rashad, Bob Zafian, Ryan Carey, Matty Blake, Jeff Rude, Will Christien and so so many more. The Back9Network for sure has a cast full of characters and quirky personalities. It’s these people who bring life to the network and hilariously relevant golf news and programming to their devoted audiences. Keep up the great work guys!