fancyWhen former NFL quarterback, the first player in the league of Pakistani descent, Gibran Hamdan retired, he taught himself how to sew and started making these beautiful custom designed polos for himself.  Soon, his friends started asking him to make them one of a kind designs, and Alial Fital was born.  While the name Alial Fital may sound European, it is actually an entirely  made in the U.S.A., he named the company after his parents Laila and Latif (spelled backwards.)

19holebigsmileDon’t worry, chances are low you will be caught on the links wearing the same shirt as someone else.  A unique characteristic of the company is Gibran only orders 100 of each shirt, guaranteeing unique one-of-a-kind designs — once they’re gone, they’re gone. Alial Fital values integrity and consistency while offering helpful and personable customer support.

masterfriBo Van Pelt began purchasing the limited edition polo shirts in 2011, he approached Alial Fital to gauge interest in sponsoring him on the PGA tour.  Hamdan is extremely pleased with the partnership, as the company’s Creative Director, he has been responsible for designing BVP’s entire golf closet and we would say Bo was one of the best dressed at the Masters this year. He has an official BVP Master’s Friday shirt with Master’s green plaid detail.

letsgetitonWe love all the designs but some of our favorites are the mens Fancy Seeing You Here long sleeve polo, the 19th H ole/Big Smile bright pink, and Let’s Get It On Golf aqua blue polo.  There is also a women’s line in polos tees and 3/4 sleeves with cool names like Elle Woods, Lavengerous, (the two shown here) as well as Love Stoned and Violet Beauregard.   We would like to see Alial Fital creating the same styles for the women’s line as the men’s as we feel the patterns for them are a bit more exciting.  We are tempted to just purchase the mens shirt in extra small.  www.alialfital.com

lavendgerous ellewoods