In C&B's Annika Collection teal is hot.

In C&B’s Annika Collection teal is hot.

By Katharine Dyson

Looking at this year’s Annika Collection by Cutter & Buck, it’s all about saturated colors like teal and pewter punched up by clean whites and contrasting hues rendered in poly and spandex tech fabrics. In the Annika Collection, lines are a little leaner than the rest of the Cutter & Buck ladies’ lines and sharp styling features include contrasting trims and colors.

Comparing her drive to excel in golf to succeeding in business, Annika Soremstam says, “I have a competitive edge, a drive. I’m on them (Cutter & Buck’s designers) all the time. I want every female golfer to feel great in our apparel on and off the course. If they don’t, I want to know why. What looks good holding a trophy should look good holding a diaper bag,” she laughs.”

“The idea is to combine style with function. A piece may look good, but it also has to work,” she says.

Annika said she and Julie Snow, C&B’s VP design and merchandising, get together at least six times a year to discuss things like patterns and styling discussing things like the length of the pants, the number of pockets, the textures and the way the fabric works.

Wadding up a shirt in her hands, she showed how the winkles shook out easily. Noting that she and other golfers are constantly on the road with little time to worry about getting things dry-cleaned or pressed, she said, “We use tech fabrics for the best functionality.” cutterbuck.com