All Jason Goodwin wanted to do last Labor Day weekend was show some love for his favorite golfer, Tiger Woods. So when Deutsche Bank Championship security personnel reportedly bounced Goodwin, who was outfitted in a shockingly orange tiger costume, from the 2010 tourney at TPC Boston, naturally the disgruntled patron sued the PGA Tour.

Goodwin said he had “pre-permission” to sport the Tony the Tiger duds but that Woods’ playing partner, Angel Cabrera, fussed that the specatator’s taste in attire was “too bright and bothersome,” TMZ reported Thursday. Perhaps Cabrera found the get-up just plain creepy.

Either way, Goodwin claimed that PGA “infringed upon” his civil rights by banning his choice of outerwear and wants the suits in Ponte Vedra to pay up — to the tune of $7,150. That’s apparently the largest amount one can sue for in small claims court, according to TMZ, which noted that Goodwin filed his lawsuit in Boston.

Fans in tiger outfits are hardly unusual occurrences at tour events in which Woods participates. The PGA Tour “does not comment on potential or pending litigation,” according to a tour spokesperson.

(Photo: Getty Images via TMZ.com)

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