Callaway Buys Travis Mathew

Callaway isn’t going to sit back and let the fashion industry slip away, they are taking the bull  by the horns.

When you think of golf wear in 2017, it is very much a laid back vibe with a side of traditional golf look.

Travis Mathew is one of the best clothing brands in the business with the wide variety of clothes they produce.

Whether it is a simple polo that has a modern looking breast pocket or a flat brim hat with a picture of a cocktail on it.

Travis Mathew does it all and more.

travis mathew

Photo courtesy of Callaway Golf

The industry took notice to this, and people wanted in on the great company.

So Callaway hopped on the bandwagon.

They recently purchased Travis Mathew for 125 million dollars.

Chip Brewer, President and CEO of Callaway Golf had this to say about Travis Mathew.  “Travis Mathew is a great fit with our business, brands, culture, and our strategy to grow in areas tangential to golf. We look forward to working with the Travis Mathew management team to maximize this brand’s growth potential.”

Luckily the two businesses main headquarters are relavitly close to each other. Callaway being in Carlsbad, CA and Travis Mathew is located just up the road in Hunington Beach.

We have to think Callaway did this for the sole purpose of taking over the apparel industry.

Callaway has always been middle of the pack for apparel, add that with Travis Mathew and you have a deadly combination.

Travis Mathew is sold in high-end country clubs, department stores and experiential retail locations.

Callaway may try to expand the Travis Mathew line into more store fronts to optimize the sales of the highly sought after apparel.

The brand is pretty free spirited and seems to be the perfect place for this, hopefully Callaway doesn’t handcuff them.