CHASE54’s new collection for Spring 2016 entitled SPRCTRUM will be shown at the PGA Demo & Fashion Experience Aug. 17-19 in Las Vegas and features layers of color and fabrics not previously used in golf apparel.  

“The SPECTRUM concept came to me early in the design process for an abundance of reasons,” says Lulu Faddis, Chief Designer and Creative Director. Lulu-Faddis_80x125

“When I noticed the color vibrancy in runway trends and tech fabrics continuing in fairway trends, I knew it was natural for us to push the limits in these areas with a layered approach,” she added. “We hope to WOW buyers and consumers with the new expansive offering of savvy color crossovers and fabric diversity. Beyond creative fashion groupings, fresh lifestyle pieces and inventive details, there is a touch of class and excitement to complement a smart buy.”  

Faddis explained, “The collection showcases depth in its prints, textures and details. We therefore believe the reach of this collection will resonate with a wider group of members and consumers. With all the new layers to peel in the spectrum, at the core remains the brilliance of CHASE54’s strength of unprecedented excellence and experience. We are proving that our foundation of 30 years of manufacturing experience can be complemented with exciting new layers, bringing something unique for everyone.” 

Highlights include:

– New jacquard textures

– Diverse colors from brights to lights to calming – prints to solids to textures

– Styles that bring elements of surprise for the course and for life

– Wraps, edgy polos, premium details & fabrics

– New CORE54 (Basics) Program for men & women in eight colors

CHASE54_Spring2016_MenThe Men’s “Synergy Group” uses diverse colors for with a touch of the unexpected from gradient chest strips to honeycomb texture to two-tone checked knits. Also for men is the “Into The Blue Group” making use of blues, blacks and whites for a clean look with a modernized argyle print polo, embossed chevron and other sophisticated touches.

The “Purple Haze Group” is a softer approach to a modern vibe, lavender and greys topped with sharp aqua bring a modest statement to the course. Look for the CORE54 basics with a wider selection in color, style and performance to complement more fashion-centric offerings for men and women. 

CHASE54_Spring2016_WomenWomen can sport the “Power of Pink” on and off the course including a hound’s-tooth print, double-faced mesh polos, embossed polyester and an array of original pieces. Or how about “Blue Crush,” what CHASE54 says is a blending “of the most serene elements of water and blue sky, this group was inspired by a modern blue camouflage bringing layers of blues, greys, whites and blacks.”  

The women’s “Play Date Group” ranges from “gotta-have” lifestyle pieces to outfits that hold their own on the course, from a chambray-tech skinny pant and golf dress to a maxi dress and sharp color combinations of navy and citron, this group brings all the fun forward, whether on the fairway or out at a girls’ night.