It was so fun to have all the best golfers from around the world right here in Norton, MA for the Deutsche Bank Championship and we proudly bring you the Fashion Leaderboard for the fourth year in a row. For all tournaments, the golfer’s sponsor suggests four outfits complete with hats, belts, shoes, pants, shirts, vests, sweaters, rain jackets, and socks, but ultimately it is up to the player to decide what they will be wearing. Most of the time, the layering pieces or back up outfits do not see much attention. When golfers showed up on the greens early Thursday morning, it was cool and some even needed sweaters, like winner Henrik Stenson is this Hugo Boss. Then subsequently they got a taste of the variety of New England weather as their apparel was required to withstand fog, light rain, heavy rain, humidity, hot sun, and cool breezes. Does the clothes make the man or the man make the clothes?

1 Keegan Bradley
no1Keegan Bradley: No loafers for Keegan Bradley as the playoffs for the FedEx Cup are here, just like black and red wore by Jordan in the playoffs, Keegan stunts in his BRED and white brand Jordan golf cleats. He limits his slices down the fairway, not needing to chase the winners dough, just adding an accomplishment to the fold as this star continues to rise. Bradley has had the chance to pick Jordan’s brain on mental toughness as the two hit the links together sometimes since they both live in pro golfer heaven, Jupiter FL With cool Tommy apparels, we especially loved the light blue striped shirt for the first round and the plaid pants for the third round. Everyone loves his quirkiness, and we give him unique style points for stamping his favorite phrase “Baba Booey” on his clubs.

2 Rickie Fowler no2Rickie Fowler: is constantly cracking up his fans with his character, Dick Fowler made an appearance at the TPC Boston as he lit up the web like wildfire this week, a 70s throwback alter-ego with aviator sunglasses and handlebar mustache appears in two hilarious new Farmers Insurance commercials, view them here. Playing the whole tournament in this persona may have given him an extra edge on the competition, as no one would be able to stop laughing long enough to hit the ball. Everything Rickie wears is cutting edge style, we just like it better when Sunday orange has a pattern rather than solid on solid.

3 Hunter Mahan
no3Hunter Mahan: in Under Armor turned up their style with great seasonal transition colors, bright bold shades that work for both the summer and fall. A guy has to have some serious confidence to wear dark lilac purple pants with a coordinated dark purple plum striped polo, the ladies love it but other guys may jokingly tease him about it. The third day he was eye-catching with orange pants and a gray and orange polo.

4 Ian Poulter
no4Ian Poulter: Mr. Style Ian Poulter always makes our list as he pays attention to every detail of his apparel. The red, white, and blue wasn’t the favorite but we loved the third round shade of blue pants, like the Mediterranean Sea, paired with a black polo with stripes. Wearing perfectly coordinated PUMA cleats, the IJP M.O. Somehow he is the only one that can pull off the visor look, we are bigger fans of hats but he makes his signature style work.

5 Graeme McDowell

no5Graeme McDowell: wearing his own G-MAC by Kartel line, we loved the salmon and navy blue basket weave (zoom in) with classy, small, with matching navy blue pants worn for the first round and on the last day, pieces from his brand new collection, his polo a sunshine shade to brighten the overcast day with exquisitely matched subtle, yellow and navy blue plaid slacks, as they say in Ireland.

6 Graeme DeLaet
no6Graeme DeLaet: The rain could be described as pineapple mist as the rain drops were small but prickly on the skin. Pineapple Mist is also how the first round Sligo outfit worn by Graeme DeLaet could be described as his cool gray polo contrasts well with the trendy pineapple, almost faded lime green, colored pants paired well with the piping on the polo. For round two he wore our favorite summer plaid cobalt blue pants, most likely one of the last time we’ll see this collection as it is that time to switch it up. Blue must be his power color, a better choice than red as blue has a higher energy than red, and random piece of advice, touch screens are blue lights so try to limit use before going to sleep.

7 Adam Scott
no7Adam Scott: The hot reining Masters champion Adam Scott makes his first leaderboard appearance as we normally see him in plain white Uniqlo polo, finally switched it up with perfect colors to tie the summer and fall seasons together, a dark salmon shade of red on the first day and olive for the entertaining second round played with Tiger and Phil. Bonus points for the Uniqlo mesh belt adding color and texture to matching looks on each day, it can be buckled anywhere for the perfect fit and the stretch fabric adds further comfort. Other attention to detail are his Oakley shades in Auburn to brighten the cloud shade and Allen Edmunds shoes.

8 Tiger Woods
no8Tiger Woods: makes our leaderboard for the sheer reason that he makes the tucked in Nike polo look real good with his six pack. Golf shirts do not flatter the belly, especially if a camera snaps a side angle of the follow through. These pro golfers have sweet lives, and their sport itself does not keep them in the best physical condition. It is up to them to stay in shape in their down time, requiring incredible discipline. Tiger doesn’t always keep his urges under control but when it comes to his health, it shows.

9 Dufner
no9Jason Dufner: sets trends with his personality not his appearance, like Dufnering and his hilarious goofy manner capturing the attention of fans, but even more so, his hot, fashionable wife Amanda. Wearing classic Perry Ellis salmon polo and navy blue pants the first day, and the second day a classic New England red and his white pants held up in the rain. For the third round we liked the white washed look, a stylish asymmetrical subtle silver argyle design on the polo was necessary so the look wasn’t too plain.

10 Charlie Hoffman
no10Charlie Hoffman: turned up his style for this weekend, cut off his long blonde locks switched to a straight line up, with a sleek Travis Mathew polo. He is a chill guy to represent their brand, check out their new ice-cream truck, on the awesome tour, it looks like Pharrell’s shop in NYC. Charlie tied his whole GQ look together with one the best Footjoy shoes from the collection. When Charlie smiles, so does everyone else, just like he did after his awesome chip right in from the sand hazard.

Last Shawn Thornton
Honorable mention on the Leaderboard is Bruins forward Shawn Thornton, who is from Canada but represents Boston so well. It is evident in his outfit for Thursdays Pro-Am, as he and well known Boston sports fan, Keegan, had a great time together.
(Last) Fan
Our fan fashion from the tournament is awarded to this lady, as long sun dresses were so pretty this summer. When there is 100% humidity, there is nothing better than a long cotton dress as it doesn’t stick to the body and the fabric is breathable. Add a cool pattern and a flirty ruffle at the bottom for style. Thanks Emily Kay for the photo of Dick Fowler, and special thanks to our amazing Tour photographer Ken Dennis.