High quality custom leather gloves by Easy Glove have arrived in the United States, distributed by H4Distribution of Jupiter, Fla.

“We select only fine-quality golf products to work with,” said Laurent-Alix Huguet, CEO of H4Distribution,” and are pleased to introduce Easy Glove into our lineup.” 

With a golf course, club, tournament or specialized logo, Easy Glove is an impressive and practical commemorative gift item. Many tournaments, corporations, associations and charitable organizations are choosing Easy Glove for their donors, participants and patrons.  

Easy Glove, created in 2008 by a French designer, offers a collection of 60 glove designs for men and women, including the flags of the United States, Canada and other countries. Designs are customizable with logos for corporate or charity events, universities, associations or golf clubs. Each customized design uses 95% of the gloves surface area, resulting in a striking pattern. 

Each is made from cabretta leather with Lycra stretch points and are competitive with the best products on the market. Keychains pendants in the shape of mini golf gloves, also customizable with a logo, are available as well. Custom logo Easy Gloves have a minimum order of 25 or 60 for keychain mini gloves. Additional details may be found at the Easy Glove website. Individual gloves may be ordered for $19.00.