Vegas Golf “On The Course” Golf Game was created by a father and son who had a passion for playing poker and playing golf!

“As a young man my father taught me to play craps, poker and golf!  (Not sure which one came first). As I got older he would bring me to Las Vegas and Lake

Tahoe for golf, gambling and fun. “

“I clearly remember on one of the trips to Vegas,  playing a round of golf and we were using some of the casino chips from the night before to make bets. On the back 9 my father said he has a great idea for a golf product.”   He said “Let’s formalize what we have been doing by placing negative and positive tasks on real poker chips and sell it as a game! It will be a fun “On The Course” game that rewards you for the positive things you accomplish and punishes you for the hazards.”

“Great idea!  I said.  I remember that night we scribbled some characters down on paper with the rules.  I remember asking him what we should call the game.  He replied instantly…”Vegas Golf of course!”  So obvious!  The Original version at the time only contained 7 chips (Positive: Birdie, 1-Putt,  Negatives: Trees, Sand, Water, 3-Putt and 8-Ball).  Right away I went to work on creating the funny characters that represented the positive and negative shots.”

The game was first introduced as golf tee prizes in which they would and still do place sponsors logo on the back of each chip for various golf promotions. “It took many years trying to penetrate the difficult golf retail business” remembers Wayne Jr. Since that time however,  Vegas Golf has grown considerably.  Vegas Golf The Game is now sold in over 12 countries and is the #1 selling “On The Course” golf game in the world.

“My father passed away years ago but I know he is happy to see how Vegas Golf has evolved.”

Vegas Golf now offers 5 different Editions. Each one has different combinations of various chips. The most popular “All-In” contains 24 different chips.    The most popular new chips are the Beer and the Grave Digger chip. Beer chip rule…Every Par 3 whoever has the worst tee shot gets the beer chip.  If it is in your pocket when the beer cart comes by you are buying!  Grave Digger chip: takes you more than 1 shot to get out of a bunker.