There are still simple pleasures in life and for me golf is one of them. I cherish the time I get to spend out on the golf course, with a favorite group, family or just new friends I am paired with in events and tournaments. Every golf course is unique and each round is a different experience in life and learning. What makes golf such a great game is that it has simple commonality. We all work with the same purpose in mind to play better and improve and enjoy the game. Yes there are egos in golf like any other sport but they just don’t seem to show themselves off in the same way as other sports. A great shot in golf is simply a great shot, we all tip our hats to the success of others even in the most competitive situations.


     It seems all we here these days are news about how bad the economy is. The doom and gloom reporters of our daily lives seem to thrive on the most negative things in life. While it is important to be informed it is less important to be overwhelmed by any one thing. When I am out on a golf course playing the game in a park like setting with no television, radio and Internet, I am in a place where they just cannot get to me. It is a break away from all the hustle bustle of life, it’s just the game and me.

   I laughed when recently I heard grumblings from Washington that golf was an elite game and private and public golf clubs were viewed as venues of just pure entertainment with little or no value to the overall economy. Golf is an industry that generates over76 billion dollars to the economy and provides over 2 million jobs and 61 billion in wage income and tax support with no state or federal support or bailouts. Golf also provides over 3.5 billion dollars of badly needed support for charities all across the nation each year more than all other professional sports combined, talk about giving back!

   So the next time you are sitting in that tight little $100.00 seat a pro sports stadium paid for by the taxpayers watching some guy on steroids strike out who is making 30 million a year think of golf. For just $30.00 you can spend almost twice as much time walking around in a beautiful quiet park like setting enjoying a game that has been around for hundreds of years with a history richer than any other. Granted there are not many of us who can hit homerun in Fenway Park but anyone can make a hole in one and make a perfect shot in golf. Simple pleasures are still there and for me golf in one of them. Play Golf America!


All The Best                                         

Timothy R. Branco

Editor/ Publisher