Are you looking for an activity that the whole family, including the kids, can enjoy together? Take a trip to your local golf course, and you’ll quickly realize what a special and memorable family experience golf can be. Now you don’t have to play 18 holes and be a scratch golfer, my recommendation especially at this time of year is to play later in the evening, when the course will be quiet and to play just a few holes, the advantage of this is that it will be ideal for walking as well, which is great exercise.

How old do kids need to be to play golf?

Children are never too young to learn the game of golf. In fact, the younger the better. The movies of Tiger Woods as a toddler hitting golf balls are enough to inspire any parent to put a club in their child’s hand. If a child starts playing golf at a young age, chances are he or she won’t develop as many bad swing and etiquette habits as those who take up the game later in life. Just remember the younger the child the shorter the session should be, and remember it takes a while to get them really proficient.

A session maybe just doing a few putts, raking a bunker and driving round in a golf cart, don’t expect your 4 year old to be practicing for hours to start off with, just a few minutes and giving lots of encouragement is all that is required.

What other sporting activities where parents or grandparents and children can spend so much quality time together in an outdoor setting.

The interesting trend is that the days of the guys disappearing to the golf course all day are gone, but have been replaced by the whole family coming out to enjoy a round of golf, in fact the most popular event at Tucker’s Point Club now is the Family Championship where the whole family plays as a team.