It seems our good friend Phil, or as some are calling him this week, “The Tour Savior” is ruffling some feathers already after only being back for a total of 18 holes. Phil has decided to put in to play a Ping wedge that falls through the loophole of the new groove rule that was put in to effect this year. A couple weeks ago at the Sony Open we saw John Daly and Dean Wilson already take advantage of this loophole putting 20 year old wedges in play.

Players like Scott McCarron and Rocco Mediate are throwing daggers at Phil. Mediate said, “I don’t like it at all, not one bit. It’s against the spirit of the rule.” McCarron decided he’d be a bit more vocal and tell us how he really feels when he said, “It’s cheating, and I’m appalled that Phil has put [the grandfathered club] in play.”

When Daly and Wilson did this a couple weeks ago I didn’t think too much of it. Maybe it’s because you don’t think for either one of those guys it’s going to help their chances of winning all that much. Phil looks poised to take over the #1 World Ranking spot in Tiger’s absence (depending on how long Tiger is out), so I think that is why this is getting so much attention. Phil is going to be under a microscope and by choosing to put this wedge in play and thumbing his nose to the PGA and his fellow players by saying “All that matters is that it’s OK under the rules of golf” it’s not helping his case. Deep down you know Phil thinks it’s wrong. How can you look at all the other guys who AREN’T doing this and see only a handful of the few who are, and think that it’s right. I’m going with Scott McCarron here and saying it’s Cheating.

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Is Mickelson cheating by using his old Ping wedge?