It’s a game that can be played by all ages, gender, skill levels and societal status throughout ones lifetime.  Most athletic endeavors come to an end when hitting a certain age but golf can be enjoyed by your 5 to 85 year old and everyone in between.

 How do we get more players involved?  The two largest demographics that need to be targeted are our junior and lady golfers.  This can be accomplished through PGA taught instruction, clinics and chaperoned leagues.  By providing the basic fundamentals as well as on course etiquette you provide the novice golfer with an empowerment that they otherwise would not have in taking their game to the course.

    While it is great to get the player to a driving range in order to learn the fundamentals, you fall in love with the game on the course.

  Golf perhaps is best enjoyed by families. We as a society struggle to find the time to sit down to a family dinner, so wouldn’t spending an enjoyable 9 or 18 holes with the family be a much needed remedy?

  Through Junior Clinics, Camps and Instructional leagues junior golfers can learn the finer points of the game of life.  I often amamazed at how junior golfers and elders coexist within the golf course as the elder often becomes a surrogate grandfather so to speak by offering advice and pointers.

  I have found throughout the years of running ladies programs that the novice women golfer operates better within a group setting with players of similar skill sets.  By allowing newer players to play the course and provide insight on instruction as well as course etiquette your provide them the confidence and knowledge to succeed.

  The ability to provide the junior and female golfer programs that focus on building strong fundamentals and golf knowledge are key to growing the fabulous game of golf.