A pretty common dream among kids growing up in New England is to one day play for the Boston Red Sox. PGA Champion Keegan Bradley was no different. Bradley who grew up in Woodstock, VT is a die hard Red Sox fan and is said to be hard to find NOT wearing a Sox hat. Well Bradley didn’t grow up to play for the Sox, instead he’s a major champion at the ripe old age of 25 playing on the PGA Tour.

Last night he was invited to throw out the first pitch at the Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Fenway Park. The day before the game he tweeted: “Every time I think of the first pitch tomorrow I get butterflies and sweaty palms. Needless to say I’m nervous”. Funny to think of the guy who showed nerves of steel coming down the stretch at the PGA Championship, having butterflies throwing out a single pitch. Just goes to show you how much it meant to him.

It’s safe to say that when the Deutsche Bank Championship gets underway this Friday, that Bradley will have quite a following.

Check out the video below of his interview and pitch.

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