Jamie Sadlowski Makes PGA Tour Debut This Week

Recently PGA Tour rookie Wesley Bryan has been taking the tour by storm already having a win on this new PGA Tour season.

The catch with Bryan is that he was once a trick shot “artist” becoming famous on social media and YouTube.

His brother George has also made a name for himself as he is on the PGA Tour Latin America.

This is somewhat new for online golf sensations to actually become a real golfer. It would be like someone from the Harlem Globetrotters becoming a starter in the NBA.

Not quite the same level, but World Long Drive champion Jamie Sadlowski competed at the Dean & DeLuca Invitational this week.

Sadlowski recently gave up the long drive career to pursue a legitimate career in the golf world.

In 2010 he claimed the world title hitting the ball an impressive 445 yards.

Watch out Dustin Johnson.

Just for some reference, here are some of his distances that were recorded in 2010.

  • 14-degree hybrid- 350 yards
  • 3 iron- 300 yards
  • 5 iron- 260 yards
  • 7 iron- 240 yards
  • Pitching wedge-180 yards

Safe to say Sadlowski will be able to reach most par 5’s in two shots.

The big question with a big hitter like Sadlowski comes around the green. You may be able to reach the green in two shots, but if you three putt, you wont be winning many tournaments shooting even par.

He won a U.S. Open qualifier, posting a 9 under on the scorecard, so his putting may be good enough to win on tour.

Let see if the long drive champion can hang around with PGA champions Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth and Sergio Garcia.

Maybe Wesley Bryan will be hitting flop shots while Jamie Sadlowski hits it out of mid-air 400 yards.