What are the odds of two golfers posting aces on the same hole while playing in the same foursome? Funny you should ask, since two amateurs playing the 18-hole, par-70 Portland Country Club in Falmouth, Maine, did just that on Tuesday.

(Graphic: Portland CC)

Matt Parker of Falmouth scored his first on the fourth hole, which plays about 140 yards from the tips, assistant pro Steve Cassella told us on Wednesday. Not to be outdone, playing partner Travis Ferrante of Portland drilled a hole-in-one directly after a third member of the group stuck his ball close to the pin.

“It’s a pretty hole-in-one-worthy hole,” said Cassella, who noted that yet another golfer aced the nearby 184-yard seventh hole earlier on Tuesday as well. “It was raining aces.”

About those odds — the National Hole-in-One directory estimates the chances at 17 million to 1 that two golfers in the same foursome will bang aces on the same hole.


Emily Kay is a regular contributor to New England Golf Monthly. You may follow Kay on Twitter @golfexaminer