Day One of the 2013 MastersIf you pay close attention to what the players say during next week’s Masters you may find the secret to winning a major while helping your own game.

Comments made in the past by players during a championship often foretold their victories. Michelle Wie repeatedly commented during the U.S. Women’s Open: “I was enjoying the beautiful weather, the course and it was just such a gorgeous day.” Rory McIlroy during the Open Championship then again during the PGA Championship: “I felt comfortable out there. I was relaxed and peaceful. I wish I could be in that place more often.” And finally Tiger Woods comments on his play during major events: “There have been times in majors when I didn’t remember anything after pulling the club from my bag until I saw the ball land on the green.”

The point is if a player should cruise to victory as if on auto pilot next week, pay attention to what they say to the press.  Should a commentator talk about how the player appeared the to have ‘dialed his game up a notch’, that is exactly the opposite of what was going on. In fact you’ll be watching and listening to a player who is at peace simply letting his mind and body work together in harmony without second guessing either swing or game. The common term? They most probably were having a Zone experience.

Invariably a player that has a Zone experience will report the experience of time slowing down, their intellect shut down and the swing motion was effortless. This is true for athletes in all sports.

The Masters champion next week may be the player who comes into Augusta with an air of complete calm both inwardly and outwardly. The player who’s words match his actions on course and who seems to be enjoying the beauty of Augusta National and all it has to offer.

Watch more than golf swings next week and you will be surprised at what you see.

Should you pick up on what appears to be a player I’ve described above, I have a suggestion: Re read this blog then ponder your own circumstance when it comes to your golf game. It may turn out your swing mechanics are fine. Perhaps learning how create a Zone experience rather than waiting for it to appear is your key to enjoying the game more and thus scoring better.