Natalie Gulbis engaged as she  announced a couple days ago, posting this photo of her and her new finance on the beach.  Normally we are jealous of Natalie Gulbis, her amazing body (as we got an up close view of it last year in Sports Illustrated), along with pretty face, long blonde hair, swagger, travel opportunities, and of course, her skills on the course.  For some reason we are not envious of the news of her engagement, mainly because  we think she could have done better.


She is engaged to Josh Rodarmel, pictured here on the right.  He and his brother are founders of PowerBracelets, his company had to file for chapter 11 bankrupcy in 2011 because of several lawsuits that alleged misleading advertising for the $30 rubber bracelets.  They claimed,  “It absolutely is never to be a substitute for hard work, it’s about making you the best you can be.” They then later had to claim that there was no credible scientific evidence that supported their claims. Creditors included Kobe Bryant, $400,000; The Los Angeles Kings, $250,491; the Sacramento Kings, $100,000; pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, $25,000; Clippers center Blake Griffin, $20,000. How embarrassing to be that tight with the best athletes in the world and then have to practically fold his whole company just because he didn’t hire a lawyer when he started.

We would expect more intelligence from him as a Yale graduate. Rodarmel sounds like a stand up guy as a prestigious former Yale quarterback, who actually spent his whole college career on the bench with an injury.

It is like a Britney Spears situation, where she makes a bad choice when could marry anyone in the world!natalie-gulbis-si-swimsuit