It’s an absolute outrage! With all the spectacular public and private golf courses in New England at their beck and call, only two elected officials from the six-state region made it to Monday’s Golf Digest ranking of the top 150 golfers among the movers and shakers in Washington, D.C.

Really, what are Steven Lynch (D-Mass.) and Frank Guinta (R-N.H.) doing with their time? After all, the two lawmakers rank just T100 and T139, respectively, on the publication’s third listing of the most skilled and rabid golfers who ply their off-course trades inside the Beltway.

Judging by their respective 16 and 26 handicaps, the two representatives need more practice or they spend far too many hours within the halls of Congress when they should be teeing it up with Golfer-In-Chief Barack Obama or Speaker John Boehner. Hey — we didn’t vote these guys in so they could legislate. Show us your short games, fellas.

Boehner, by the way, shared 43rd place — quite a surprise, considering the 7.9-handicapper belongs to two clubs and sports a year-round golf tan. Obama, carrying a 17 handicap, rated a lowly tie for 108th — despite weathering unending criticism for playing more than 60 rounds since he took over as First Golfer.

Golf Digest determined specific handicaps via the USGA Golf Handicap and Information Network and state associations. They also used information from the golfers themselves, their friends, and playing partners to estimate others’ handicaps. The publication noted that handicaps without decimal points were estimates.

Where do your reps rank? Check it out here.

(Emily Kay is a regular contributor to New England Golf Monthly. Check her out on the Waggle Room, Boston Golf Examiner, National Golf Examiner, and GottaGoGolf websites. You may also follow Kay on Twitter @golfexaminer.)