Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Nexbelt (www.nexbelt.com) captured a 2nd Place Finish on the Web.com Tour this past weekend as Casey Wittenberg finished just one stroke off the lead at The Neediest Kids Championship. The event was held at The TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm in Potomac, MD.

Wittenberg, who wears a Nexbelt on the Web.com Tour, looked like he was going to win his 3rd event of the season, but he just missed sinking a 40 foot birdie putt on 18 which would have forced a playoff. This 2nd Place Finish moved him up to the No. 1 spot on the Official Web.com Money List. With just three events left in the season, he’s guaranteed a berth on the PGA Tour for 2013.

“Casey really loves the comfort and fit of our belts,” said Eddie Rowland of Nexbelt. “As a matter of fact, we’re sending him some more next week. It’s very exciting to have the No. 1 player on the Tour wearing our product and performing the way he does week in and week out. We’ll all be cheering him on when he plays at the Web.com Tour Championship later this month.”

Nexbelt, “The Belt Without Holes”, recently added to their arsenal of innovative ratchet design belts. The Go-In! Golf series belt, provides golfers with maximum comfort and minimum adjustment hassle by allowing the wearer an adjustment pattern of 1Ž4 inch as opposed to the outdated pin/buckle belts of 1 inch. This ratchet technology, dubbed PreciseFit, allows wearers the comfort and style associated with quality. The newly acclaimed, patents pending, Go-In! Golf series not only gives golfers the precision comfort of PreciseFit Technology, but also the convenience of a hidden ball marker utility located behind the face of the belt.

Traditional belts of the past century are uncomfortable, and due to their pin/buckle design have a tendency to wear quickly and unevenly. As the wearers waistline changes, it necessitates the creation of unsightly holes in an often uneven manner. Nexbelt™ gives consumers a fashionable streamline appearance while supplying a practical solution to an uncomfortable problem. Allowing the golfer a reduction of up to 15 waist sizes with the same belt, and the forgiveness of a few inches following a hearty meal, PreciseFit Technology provides wearers with a natural feel and more comfortable golf swing.

The Go-In! Golf series belts with PreciseFit Technology are available in a variety of colors and buckle styles, providing the golfer with comfort and style for every round. Owning a Nexbelt Go-In! Golf series belt means the most comfortable fit on the course with waist sizes ranging from 28″ to 50″. Starting at just $54.99 the Nexbelt™ Go-In! Golf series with PreciseFit Technology is sure to be the best fitting most economical belt on the market today.