Boston Red Sox fans are well aware that PGA Tour golfer Nick Watney has a close relative who turns heads whether she’s reporting for NECN from the stands at Fenway Park, following cousin Nick on tour, or getting fitted for golf clubs at the nearby Titleist test facility in Acushnet, Mass. Monday, NECN’s Sox reporter, Heidi Watney, posted a video of her recent fitting session, conceding that she was no ace on the links.

“I feel like I’m probably not a good golfer to be even talking about this kind of stuff,” Watney said during the recording of her Titleist outing.

Apparently, however, the 2000 Miss California finalist had an ulterior motive for overhauling her golf bag, as she aimed a challenge at David Ortiz, Jon Lester, and other members of the BoSox team who regularly take to the links for philanthropic causes.

“The next charity scramble we do,” Watney taunted, “watch out guys because I’m going to beat you.”

A Titleist staffer “dialed in” Watney to her new sticks, which now include Titleist AP1 irons and a T910 driver.

As for the sideline broadcaster’s claim that her on-course skills did not warrant new toys — obvious rubbish. She’s no Nick, but this Watney can strike a golf ball.

Nick, by the way, is a full-fledged Titleist guy, as he made clear after winning the 2011 Cadillac Championship.

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