NikeCoverUp_2Nike Golf has a addition for any golfer’s wardrobe for those times there’s a little rain and maybe some wind and though a sweater works at times conditions are such that it just isn’t enough and going all the way to a rain jacket is too much. Enter the Innovation Woven Cover-up which not only keeps you dry and warm but moves with you during the swing, a great combination of features.

“Golfers love wearing sweaters on the course. They’re soft, warm and easy to move in, unlike a lot of jackets,” said Merritt Richardson, VP of Global Golf Apparel. “With the Innovation Woven Cover-up, there’s no need to choose one over the other or add layers. It’s the best of both worlds.”

The Innovation Woven Cover-up is part of Nike’s Stay Protected line and is a hybrid NikeCoverUp_1design with the merging two technologies. The lightweight wind-and-water resistant Dri-FIT stretch woven body – the ‘jacket’ part of the garment, is breathable and protects against the elements while sweater warmth comes from 3D knit sleeves

“We’ve done a lot of research around the thermal properties of 3D knit and increased articulation for a better fit,” adds Richardson. “The knit is fabricated to be higher in certain zones to trap heat and offer flexibility, and dialed in around places like the elbow to reduce material and weight.”

The back’s seam is bonded so there’s no stitching and there’s a traditional collar for added wind protection. The Nike Innovation Woven Cover-up carries a suggested retail price of $120.