Maumee, OH – Just more than one year after the community of Millbury, OH, and nearby Lake High School was devastated by a tornado, its varsity golf team, coaches and donors will celebrate the opening of the aboutGolf Learning Center on the school’s campus.

Intended to serve as a training facility for the Lake High School Golf Team, the Learning Center, which features an aboutGolf PGA TOUR Simulator, will also be open to children as young as six who would not otherwise have access to the game.

Coach Terry Tansel says the inspiration to welcome students throughout the district in grades 1 – 12 came from Dominic Antenucci with the PGA of America, who worked with contacts in the industry – such as Adidas, Nike and Titleist – to help the team replace its lost golf equipment immediately after the tornado.

“I kept thinking, ‘how do we thank all the people who had gone above and beyond to help us?'” says coach Tansel. “Dominic told me the best way to show my gratitude was to give back to the game. Then it hit me – we needed to create opportunities for all the kids in our district to experience golf.”

Coach Tansel decided the best way to achieve this goal was an indoor golf simulator, and his research led him to a world-renowned company right in his own back yard – aboutGolf. Following several meetings with aboutGolf and dedicated fundraising throughout the community, the PGA TOUR Simulator was custom-designed and installed.  

aboutGolf PGA Tour Simulator“We are honored to be part of the healing process of Lake High School,” says Bob Ryan, Chairman and CEO, aboutGolf. “Providing world-class technology and equipment is our way of helping the game flourish with youth throughout the community and honoring the resilience and inspiration of the people of Millbury.”

The first of its kind in any high school, the PGA TOUR Simulator at Lake is equipped with aboutGolf’sproprietary 3D machine vision ball-and-club tracking and true-trajectory physics, as well as advanced performance products, including aG Flix and aG Balance designed to help coaches and golfers analyze players’ stances, swings and overall motions.

The invitation-only grand opening of the aboutGolf Learning Center will take place Fri., Oct. 7, at 4:30 p.m. Guests will include representatives of aboutGolf and David Pfeiffer from Taylormade Adidas, official club sponsor of the learning center. Food will be provided by Penn Station and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Media are invited to attend a pre-event press conference to be held Fri., Oct. 7, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

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