NORTON, MA—The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund recently announced its major Ouimet Chair and Honorary Alumnus Awards in addition to other special recognitions and election of Officers at its 63rd Annual Meeting at Oak Hill Country Club in Fitchburg.

The two major annual awards were the Ouimet Chair of the Year award to Steve Goodwin of Woodland Golf Club, and the Denny Goodrich Honorary Alumnus Award to Walt Lankau. John MacKinnon of Performance Training Associates was presented a Ouimet Society Lifetime Membership for his contributions of Dale Carnegie training programs to Ouimet Scholars. The Fund also announced its 2011-2012 Officers.

Mr. Goodwin has been the Ouimet Chair at Woodland for five years, and been a tremendous advocate for The Fund.  Prior to joining Woodland, he played in/fundraised for the first Ouimet Marathon in 1993 and several times after that.  Since joining and becoming Ouimet Chair at Woodland, he has overseen a Ouimet support program that has been one of the best in the state.  In addition to a strong Bag Tag program, Woodland, with assistant pro Tom Doherty playing and Goodwin fundraising, has also consistently been one of the top Marathon teams.  A high tech executive, he has also helped the Ouimet Fund with various technology solutions over the years and has been a strong supporter of caddie programs.  He was a Ouimet Director from 2007 to 2009.  “Steve has always been a great friend of the Ouimet Fund and we are proud to honor him.  Steve has been untiring in his support of The Fund at Woodland, which has such a great relationship with us.  He does it all,” said Dick Reilly, Ouimet Fund President.

Mr. Lankau, the Denny Goodrich Honorary Alumnus honoree, joined the Ouimet Board of Directors in 1992 and immediately suggested the concept of the Ouimet Fund holding a golf marathon at his club.  In the subsequent years, he has played in, fundraised for, and lent his support as the Board’s Marathon Chair.  In 19 years, the Marathon has raised over $4 Million, and been the leading golf marathon in the US.

Mr. Lankau has been a fixture on the Ouimet Board, chaired its Club Relations and other committees, and served as Fund President from 1998-2000.  He and his wife Collette are Ouimet Society Lifetime Members.  He is a former local and national President of the Golf Course Owners Association, is a highly respected MGA Official, and has long advocated for Ouimet support in the public golf course arena. 





“Walt’s dedication to Ouimet has been so great that most people already assume he is a Ouimet Alumnus.  This recognition truly captures his Ouimet spirit and his giving back to the game.  With next year being the 20th year of the Marathon, this begins the year-long celebration by honoring the man who started and has been the driving force behind the Ouimet Marathon,” said Dick Reilly, Ouimet Fund President.


In a special recognition, a Ouimet Society Lifetime membership was presented to John “Bucky” MacKinnon, the President of Performance Training, and the coordinator of Dale Carnegie Training in the region.  Mr. MacKinnon, a longtime Ouimet Society member from Charles River, developed in 2003 a program by which he donated free admission (value id=”mce_marker”,500+) to the legendary courses to current Ouimet Scholars.  Each year, graduates of the course report that it was one of the most beneficial they have ever taken – covering leadership skills, public speaking, and organizational techniques.


This year, following increased demand, Mr. MacKinnon stepped in and offered two full sessions of the Dale Carnegie program for Ouimet Scholars.  In total, 37 Scholars completed the 2011 course which ran for eight consecutive Monday nights.  A total of 240 students have taken the course since its inception, and three have been the Student Speaker at the Ouimet Fund’s Annual banquet. Mr. Reilly said, “John has been such a great friend of The Fund and our Scholars.  This is a small way for us to give him our biggest thanks.”


            Richard M. Reilly of Needham and Brae Burn Country Club and The Bay Club was re-elected President at the Annual Meeting. Joining him as officers were Terry Kennedy of Milton and Wollaston Golf Club as Vice President; Scott Adler of Sharon and Woodland Golf Club as Treasurer; Dennis Kelly of Cambridge and Taconic Golf Club as Clerk and Robert Donovan of Milton and Wollaston Golf Club as Executive Director.