club head dataP3Proswing Golf Simulator is announcing an all new software package. The new software called ProGolf 7.0 provides more accurate feedback with a new ball flight model, smoother operation with a single software solution, integration of the intuitive interface, ball spin calculations and Launch Angle capabilities on 132 virtual courses in the P3 Course catalog.

The P3Proswing Development Team has put countless hours of work into the creation of a new ball flight model with physics, calculations and testing of data sets.  The new ball flight model powering the 7.0 software offers a more accurate depiction of the ball’s flight.  The single software solution for all data being translated from golf swing to the player’s view has little to no hesitation to display the results after every shot.  Along with the speed and elegance of play in the new software, it allows the user to fine tune their game at home in more detail.

Users can edit club information, adjust smash factors, change penalty values, navigate the streamlined menu system with ease and set up enhanced player profiles with the ability to save default game settings for each player.  

The addition of new measurements may be the most exciting part of the new release.  We now can calculate ball spin!  Ball Spin is more discussed today at every lesson, match play or by TV golf announcers so we have worked countless hours to give you that data.  P3’s new calculations will give you back spin and side spin or total spin and spin axis  to help you work with each club.  
 The software now allows you to capture launch angle in all modes of play.

ss1The Launch Angle camera takes measurements from the actual flight of the ball. The video captured of the ball’s initial flight from impact is then translated into a more accurate measurement integrated into the software’s display.  Launch angle has been only available to use in the old P3golf software (driving range only) but now can be played on all 132 courses in the P3 catalog. 

Stay tuned as the P3 Team has even more exciting enhancements, integrations and additions to make in 2014.  P3ProSwing is making play at home more enjoyable, realistic and accurate every day.