NEGM Signature Hole Series: Pawtucket Country Club Teaser from Collective Thought Media on Vimeo.


On February 6th, 2015, Pawtucket Country Club held a special meeting to announce that the club was going to be sold to three devoted members who pledged to preserve the golf course operations while making capital investments in the facility. The 113 year-old club was purchased by David Rampone, Benny Martin and Gary Reis. Pawtucket is now debt free and ready to attract new members.

“As a member of Pawtucket Country Club for the past 28 years, I’m pleased to be in a position to take this action along with my partners to preserve one of Rhode Island’s best golf courses and to protect the traditions that have lasted here for the past 113 years,” said Rampone.

I grew up playing golf at Pawtucket with my father, my son is a member and I want my grandson to learn to play golf at Pawtucket Country pawtucket country clubClub. The sale completely repositions the financial standing of the club. It also allows us to recruit new members and provide them with assurances that the club is financially sound and they can join without concerns of assessments looming.”

“There is no doubt that the economic collapse in 2008 greatly affected the golf course industry both regionally and nationally. We were able to weather the economic downturn while continuing to make investments in the club. This sale will allow us to make additional capital investments in both the facility and the course to enhance the family friendly atmosphere that currently exists. The sale marks a new beginning for Pawtucket Country Club,” added Rampone.

Those interested in membership opportunities should contact PCC’s Director of Golf and House Operations at michaelgelinas@pawtucketcountryclub.com.