timThe New England region has nearly 1000 golf clubs of which 300 are private golf facilities. Nationwide there are approximately 18,000 golf courses, which represent 50% of all golf courses in the world today. In New England 30% of our golf facilities are Private Golf Clubs, the highest percentage in any region in the country. Statistics kept by The National Golf Foundation tell us that private golfer’s on average play 3 times more golf than public golfer’s and spend 3 times more in doing so. Private golfers represent only 9% of the 2.2 Million golfers in the U.S.

In New England there are approximately 14.5 Million people of which only 750,000 are golfers that play more than 5 times yearly. Private golf club members in New England in comparison are less than national averages at only 7.8%. The average number of active private club members per club in New England in the last 4 years has fallen to less than 200 members. In simple private golf club economics this is well short in the number of members needed to sustain a healthy facility.

In the years ahead the challenges facing private golf clubs will even become greater with over 65% of members reaching 60+ years of age and choosing senior status, warmer locations to play or playing far less because of health issues. While we may not have to reinvent the private golf club model, it is imperative that private clubs focus on new innovating programs. They must attract younger generations, families, women and public golfers who play often enough to warrant the value of a private membership. Most importantly is reaching out with a clear and concise message to potential members what private clubs have to offer. Marketing and brand building has now become just as vital as green grass in almost every private club in New England.

Below are a few effective managed programs on our platforms implemented by our team in private clubs throughout the region. Contact our team at 800-736-9020 for a free consultation.

Editorial Creation
One of the best ways to get the message out about a club is through scheduled articles and releases targeted to the golf demographic about your facility.

Social Media & Blogs
Today’s younger generations live on social media and are a fully mobile society. Traditional marketing methods such as TV, radio and newspapers are totally ineffective in reaching them.

New Membership Categories
Our team has developed over 50 new innovating membership categories to increase memberships at regional clubs.

Member for A Day Programs
One of the most effective tools used today in private clubs to engage potential members to visit your facility while creating substantial income opportunities for operations and marketing.