Arguably, Liz Janangelo is among the best amateur and collegiate golfers to come from New England.  After an exemplary record with Connecticut State Golf Association events – and then, at Duke, as a college player  and her accomplishments on the LPGA Tour speak volumes on her ability.

 Recently, New England Golf Monthly caught up with Liz while she was vacationing on Cape Cod to talk with the young phenom about the status of her game, her future, and her thoughts about the LPGA among other topics.


New England Golf Monthly:              Let’s talk about college golf at Duke.

 Liz Janangelo: 

First of all, I always wanted to attend Duke for my education.

Ever since I was at Conard High School (West Hartford, CT) and saw any

potential I had with golf, my goal was to get a scholarship to attend Duke.

Plus, my parents always stressed the importance of academics.  I’m proud of my

degree from Duke (History) and graduating is really maybe more important than

a successful golf career in the overall scheme of things.


NEGM:   So, are you saying that your education at Duke is better than the education you might get on the golf course?


LJ:            Perhaps.  As I said, my degree from Duke means the world to me.  But I’m always a student on the golf course.


NEGM:  Speaking of Duke…is there such a thing as a ‘Duke’ curse –

whereby prominent Blue Devils failed to win as professionals despite

stellar collegiate careers.


LJ:            I’ve been asked this many times…I don’t believe in the so-called ‘curse.’ Remember, Duke fields only 5 players in our national             competitions…some schools might play 10 golfers…so we have fewer players to begin with.  Time will tell, and I expect to win. I’ve already proved that as an amateur on the Duramed Tour.


 NEGMSpeaking of the LPGA, do you have any thoughts on the direction the Tour should take with respect to a new Commissioner given the Caroline Bivens fall-out?


LJ:            Let’s just say, the LPGA is a great place for a sponsor to be.  We have a tremendous product that is fan friendly, attractive, receptive             to advertisers, and a willing corporate partner.  I am not privy to the selection process for a new LPGA Commissioner, but the Tour is something I strongly believe in, and whoever takes over the reins has my support.


NEGMNow for something completely different…what’s your favorite New England golf course?


LJ:            It’s funny…I’ve played so many tournaments in New England and across the country,  I haven’t really played  some of the ‘great’ New England courses like Salem, Worchester and Wannamoisett.  But, Wampanoag is still a personal favorite.


NEGM: Got a dream foursome?


LJ:            Actually two…first – my dad, brother, and my grandpa…and then Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and Annika Sorenstam.  I’m waiting for their phone calls.


NEGM:  Finally, what are you carrying in your bag currently?


LJ:                        Driver –  TaylorMade R-7; 

                         Irons Titleist AP2;

                        Metal Woods – Callaway 3 & 5;

                        Putter – Yes;

                        Ball – Titleist Pro V1


Barry J. Palm is a Public Relations Consultant and writer based in Ponte Vedra

Beach, FL.  Contact: barryjpalm@gmail.com or phone 904-451-1142. He also

graduated from Conard High School in West Hartford, CT although several years

before Liz.