As you may have already heard, cell phones may be prevalent at PGA Tour events next year. The PGA Tour did a trial run of this at this year’s Wyndham Championship and it seemed to have gone off without any incidents. But one tournament won’t give any insight in to the headaches this could cause.

I’m on the fence about this and can see both sides. Although I think I’m leaning towards telling people to leave them at home. A couple of years ago I actually skipped the Deutsche Bank Championship because my wife was pregnant and about a month away from our due date. Being completely unaccessible for pretty much an entire day would not be a good thing. This was a time in which I wished they were allowed.

This past year I had a press pass for the event, which allowed me to bring my beloved Blackberry along. It was fun to do some live Tweeting, and also record Tiger’s post round interview with it (as well as snap a pic…), but to be honest it was a pain because every official I walked by felt the need to stop me and make sure I was legit. Between that and the multitude of spectators constantly asking me how I “snuck in” my phone, it proved to almost be a nuisance.

I know we’re all supposed to be adults and we should believe that everyone will remember to turn their phones to silent mode, but in reality you know at just about every event there will be some idiot blabbing away on his phone when he shouldn’t be, or a phone ringing in the middle of someone’s swing.

What do you think? Phones allowed at events, yes or no?