Brad’s dream of playing in a United States Open Championship seems to have given this incredibly talented competitor from Cumberland, RI a leg up on his playing statistics.

Everyone knows the importance of statistics in sports as they give competitors a snapshot of how they are doing in their respective sport.  When it comes to competitive golf, statistics concerning scoring progress can often times motivate or decimate a player from event to event unless they can see the overall progress of their play.

Brad’s overall scoring average currently sits at 71.6.  In total, Brad has played 31 competitive rounds. If you take a look at his scoring improvement comparing his first 15 rounds to the last 15 rounds, 10 of which are post U. S. Open, you see steady progress.

I threw out one score to achieve an even number for averaging purposes and no, that one score was not his highest.  A high round of 79 is included in my averaging. 

I found the first 15 rounds included only 4 rounds of 70 or better equating to a scoring average of 72.6.  The last 15 rounds include 10 rounds of 70 or better. This translates to a scoring average for the last 15 rounds of 70.5, a 2.1 stroke improvement.

In short, Brad Adamonis is on the right path and simply needs to continue exercising patience and I have little doubt he will succeed in his quest to return to the PGA TOUR.

Finally, Brad’s play at the Cox Classic in Omaha, NE through three rounds is more indication of his progress.  As of this writing, he is -11 after shooting 67, 67 and 68.  It is a testament to patience and perseverance coupled with talent.

UPDATE: Brad finished the Cox Classic with a final round 66, -16/268 only 6 shots out of the lead and T15. A good week for Cumberland, RI’s own. 


(Steve Riggs is a retired teaching professional of over 30 years experience which included training aid development, testing and design. He also consulted on practice facility and instruction programs in U.S. and Caribbean. Currently Steve is a member  of the Golf Writers Association of America.  In addition to contributing monthly articles to the NEW ENGLAND GOLF MONTHLY magazine and mynegm.com, Steve is the host and producer of the mynegm LESSON TEE Radio/Internet Show now in it’s third year on the air and internet.  The show airs every Wednesday from 10:05-11am ET on WNRI AM 1380 Radio and online at mynegm.com and wnri.com.)