Brad Adamonis missed qualifying for a regular spot in this year’s U.S. Open by one shot in the Sectional Qualifier in Maryland. However, he was the 1st Alternate.

Competing in a U.S. Open is the dream of every competitive golfer and Brad is no exception.  Brad had shared with me the week before he played in the Sectional Qualifier:  “I have always wanted to play in a U.S. Open.  I am 38 and don’t know how many chances I have left. It would mean a lot to me.”

There were so many 1st alternates from other sectional qualifiers ahead of Brad it seemed the only way he would get a spot was if all the stars were aligned in his favor. Well, they were and he did get a spot.

Brad got the call to join this year’s field at Congressional and the U.S. Open the Sunday night after the conclusion of the St. Jude event and before the start of the Open.  “That is one call I will never forget.” Adamonis said

While Brad did not make the cut for the final 36 holes, the first time one plays in a major, it is as much about being in and enjoying the moment. 

Brad started his journey back to the PGA TOUR which requires large amounts of patience and perseverance.  “When it comes to competitive golf you just never give up and you have to be patient”, he said.

I know the experience of teeing it up in his first U.S. OPEN will keep Brad moving forward on his Road Back. In fact he made the cut at the recent Mexico Open finishing at – 2/286.