Here’s Your (Very Small) Chance To Attend The Masters

Ever wanted to go to Augusta National in April? Better yet for the Masters?

Your chance is finally here, but good luck.

The application to apply for tickets for the 2018 Masters is here, but the process is only open until June 1st.

The tickets are for the Monday-Wednesday practice rounds will run you $75 a piece, a $10-dollar increase from last year, Augusta really needs the money. And then if you are looking to get a ticket to a tournament day Thursday-Sunday will cost you $115, also up $10 dollars from last year.

2018 Masters

Masters 2018 Ticket Home Page

To apply you have to fill out paperwork containing your contact information and mailing address. Once you finish all that you get to pick the days you want to get tickets for.

For the practice rounds you can request a maximum 4 tickets for each day, and for the tournament days, a 2 ticket maximum.

Once you filled out this application, don’t book your flight to Augusta quite yet.

Although there is a chance, ticket experts say that getting a ticket to the Masters is the toughest to get in sports, just behind the Super Bowl. There has never been an exact number to how many tickets get randomly given out to fans, but the number is very very small.

Keep praying, getting tickets other than this way is hard to come by.

There are only a few other ways to get tickets:

1. Find someone who has a badge and has had it for years and use it.

2. Spend thousands of dollars on a site like StubHub for tickets.

3. Get invited through a corporate sponsorship.

Those options aren’t very reasonable options for many people, so keep praying.

So What Happens If You Win?

Well, you will find out around late June, early July if you were lucky enough to win tickets to the greatest golf tournament on the planet.

What many people do when they win is sell the tickets. Tickets to actually tournament days have been sold for as much as $1,500 to $12,000 dollars. Even the practice tickets sell for a decent chunk of change, mostly the Wednesday tickets since that is the day of the par 3 tournament.

After reading this, go apply, and when you win because you read this article. Give me one of the tickets and I’ll accompany you to the tournament.

Fans interested in Masters tickets can enter the lottery by completing an application at tickets.masters.com.