The PGA Merchandise Show is over.  All the press releases telling us about new products that were unveiled has come and gone leaving some writers with nothing to do.  No, wait. There is Tiger.

Golf writers seem to have forgotten there is a TOUR underway with actual players shooting actual scores winning actual money. Think I am nuts?  Check it out for yourself.  See? They are really playing golf. And get this; without Tiger!

I can see it now.  When, (and IF), TW returns to the TOUR, some of these golf writers will be asking “Where did this kid come from?” OR, “See, TW has done to himself, he just has not got what it takes anymore’, after a loss to a Dustin Johnson or some other three time winning ‘upstart’.

When the Tiger Woods saga unfolded I could understand the frenzy, speculation and fascination with the entire mess.  That was in late November and December last year.  It is now mid February, the PGA TOUR is in full swing and STILL the media seems hell bent to join the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and other tabloids in continuing to nip at the heels of this guy who, right or wrong, seems to be trying to put his life back together. Were I he, after the way this incessant speculation has gone, I would restrict media coverage of his sit down Friday at TPC Sawgrass too.

The media all said he needed to get his life back together. Well, he finally entered treatment, he is communicating with his wife, and has tried to remove himself from the public scene to take the pressure off his family, get some help and generally let the sport of competitive golf move on.  However, you all just will not quite until, it seems, you have destroyed any hope of TW ever being able to play competitively again.

“Well, he brought all this on himself.” you say.  Yes he did, but what gives anyone the right to so scrutinize a person’s attempts to get their life back on track to the point of literally destroying any hope of that ever happening? That is not news, it is GOSSIP.

The media seems to get bent out of shape when someone is able to actually keep their private life private. When they get their toe in the door of a celebrity’s privacy they just will not quite.  The ‘meat tenderizing’ of TW’s face by Elin last November is a perfect example.  It happened and now the entire world is standing in the living room drooling to see what is going to happen next. Can we all just move on?

Look, TW might be having this sit down at Sawgrass in an effort to save his marriage but I have a feeling he is also hoping it will get you guys to back off just a little.  What he doesn’t seem to realize is there is absolutely nothing he can give the media that is going to satisfy them.  Nada, Zip, ZERO!! 

What the media doesn’t seem to realize is that this errant athlete just might give the golf world in the U.S. the Bronx cheer and go live somewhere else taking his talent with him.  I can see it now: TW plays on the Bora Bora Olympic Golf Team or simply buys an island, goes away for a couple years only to return with a line of golf clubs like Ben Hogan.

Come on people, there are more interesting things to write about.  Why not try something spontaneous.  Here is an idea, the PGA TOUR or something like that. Can you say PGA TOUR without using the name Tiger?  I know it’s going to be tough but you can do it!


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