From The Editor

   Its Sunday at Pebble Beach at The ATT&T, and at first glance lets face it this is golf nirvana, Lefty & Tiger slugging it out on Sunday at the seasons first mini major. The ATT&T by all accounts is an iconic event each year at a place that is every golfers dream, Pebble Beach a public access course on every golfers bucket list.  By all accounts what should have been, just never was. And on the 18th green when Tiger missed a far too late put for an eagle and marked his ball instead of putting out we all knew the truth and it was plain to see.

For the last 2 ½ years one Tiger Woods has been searching to regain the mental balance it takes to get back to where he once was. The powerful mental edge he once had is gone and yes he is human and is not much different than the rest of us when it comes to the pain of loss and shame. He may still have the ability to shut out the noise of the crowds but inside there is a battle still raging.

It was evident by his demeanor from the first hole that it would not be Pebble Beach or Phil Mickelson that was the most difficult challenge he faced, it would be the fight to regain control of his thoughts and emotions. Tiger Woods is and always will be one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game. There is no doubt that he will be in the Hall of Fame and be looked at in the history of this great game as a legend. All that is left now is to see if he has the strength and fortitude to overcome the single greatest test of all, being human like the rest of us.

Sunday was a great victory for Phil Mickelson, his 40th win on the PGA Tour. He played like a champion and did everything right. It was a great day in golf but a reality check as well. On a weekend when we lost one of the true icons of music with the death of Whitney Houston to the demons of life, we also got to see the stripes of a truly wounded Tiger.