Acushnet along with its former subsidiary Cobra Golf (sold in May to Puma AG) are seeking an injunction and monetary damages against both TaylorMade Golf and PGA Tour star Camillo Villegas for the August 3rd announcement by TMaG that Villegas had signed an endorsement contract for 2011.

Villegas presently endorses Acushnet brands Titleist and Foot-Joy plus is under contract with Cobra Golf endorsing their clubs.

The legal filings by Acushnet and Cobra ask for an injunction to stop further public announcements by TMaG or Villegas concerning the 2011 deal plus unspecified damages as compensation for loss of Villegas as a product endorser for the next five months.

The world’s largest golf equipment company Acushnet, however evidentially did not feel constrained from repeated broadcasting of a spot for Titlist golf balls with Villegas in the cast during television coverage of the PGA Championship nor has Villegas been removed from the Cobra Golf web site.

Both companies said the basis for their respective law suits was with the TMaG press release destroyed the publicity value of Villegas.