When a green-caped Nickelodeon super hero is a main attraction at Super Bowl Media Day, you know the occasion attracts an odd assortment of characters — but none quite so irreverent and witty as Golf Channel’s David Feherty.

“I did ask Tom Brady was there a point during the Denver game where he thought that Tim Tebow realized that Tom Brady was God?” Feherty, in Indianapolis to broadcast a live performance Friday night as a prelude to the new season of his “Feherty” talk show, told Boston sports radio WEEI during Tuesday’s festivities.

Tom Brady withdraws from Pebble Beach golf tourney due to scheduling conflict (Photoi: NEGM)

Feherty, of course, was referring to the hoopla surrounding Tebow and his upfront expressions of his religious beliefs — a mania that reached full tilt when ESPN viewers voted the Broncos genuflecting quarterback their favorite athlete, well ahead of three-time Super Bowl champ Brady and 14-time major winner Tiger Woods. To Feherty, a 10-time titleholder on the European and other worldwide tours, the uproar over Tebow invoking the name of his lord and savior was something of a head-scratcher.

“It never bothered me,” Feherty said, “because the name of the lord has been invoked on the golf course a whole lot more often than it has in church, that’s for sure.”

While allowing that “people can believe what they want” in America, Feherty said one aspect of the religiosity that so many professional athletes exhibit did puzzle him. “I just don’t understand whey they don’t blame God when they play badly,” he said, tongue planted firmly in cheek.

As for Brady, he toed the company line by giving up nothing substantial about anything related to “the ‘ship” — as Pats tight end and fan fave Rob Gronkowski (“Gronk!” to the faithful) calls Sunday night’s contest — during Tuesday’s scrum that attracted some 5,000 members of the Fourth Estate. As far as we know, Brady spent 60 minutes talking about his favorite Madonna song (the Material Girl will perform during halftime Sunday night) and his admission that he’s never watched “Jersey Shore,” according to the Boston Globe, but offered no reason for withdrawing from next week’s AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

For sure, Brady will be under center when Super Bowl XLVI kicks off at approximately 6:20 p.m. (EST), but he and his reputed 10-handicap won’t be in the field at Pebble four days later as originally planned. The Pats’ signal-caller withdrew from the event due to a scheduling conflict, tourney director Ollie Nutt told us Tuesday.

With The Game and the PGA Tour event booked long in advance, it’s difficult to imagine Gisele’s husband was unaware he’d have only a couple days to practice between the rematch with the New York Giants and his Pebble tee time. Perhaps he wasn’t banking on his team making it to the tourney.

Pats fans just hope it wasn’t the huge hit to the back Brady took from the Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Lewis during the AFC Championship game that’s keeping QB12 from hitting the links in one of his favorite golf events. After all, it was just last week that Tebow said he would not make his expected appearance at Pebble due to injuries sustained during his team’s lopsided loss to the Pats in the AFC divisional round game.

In any case, as Brady’s coach Bill Belichick likes to say, it is what it is. Belichick, by the way, was still slated to play in the same Pebble Beach tourney that will feature Woods and his playing partner Tony Romo, as well as a myriad of other stars of TV, movies, and the gridiron. Ever the efficient reporter, Feherty decided to get the requisite post-round interview with the Pats’ notoriously close-mouthed skipper out of the way early.

“I know he’s not going to tell me anything,” Feherty told ‘EEI. “I asked Belichick, did he want to get it over with now and tell me nothing. He said, ‘yeah.’”