The overall trend of the golf fashion and gear at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show was the advancement to the next realm in both technology and lifestyle.   With tour professionals on the forefront of driving improvements in function and design, the results are the best golf gear in history.


Oakley signed Bubba Watson to represent their apparel line and new light shoes and Bubba also influenced the 19th hole Collection from Kentwool with the red and black colors of his alma mater as well as the green masters edition.  Graeme MacDowell teamed up with Irish company Kartel for his new line G-Mac which is elegantly high-end country club style.  Keegan Bradley is a perfect representation of Tommy Hilfiger with the red, white, blue, and occasionally evergreen and yellow solids and stripes create the all around American boy look. Of course, Rickie and Lexi represent Puma apparel with their edgy, colorful style.


Companies are asking for and receiving feedback from the best players in the world on what needs improvement.  For example, golf shoes have never been so light and available in such a variety of designs.  Ecco, Kikkor, and TrueLinkswear all represent the anti-golf shoe. Instead of the popular six spikes, they offer a hybrid sole with small grooves that are easier to wear off the course.  The key to being on the cutting edge today is striving for the versatility to wear on and off the course. Golf apparel companies have produced items for golfers for work or the gym or wear out with their friends after their round not the typical classic golf but more of a street clothes hybrid golf look.

Never before have there been so many technical products that will drastically improve a player’s game and lifestyle.  The trends in golf fashion and gear has diversified to represent each type of golfer ranging from Greg Norman to the littlest golfer.   Fairways are turning into runways as the women’s golf market has grown to offer so much it seems to have surpassed men’s.