Q School competitor Sam Saunders PGA TOUR Photo

Zack Fischer took medalist honors in the inaugural Web.Com Q School that finished Tuesday. I think it would be fair to say about 150 players and caddies’ are sleeping in an airport on their way home or maybe face down in their mashed potatoes at a local eatery in the Coachella Valley before heading home for a well deserved rest. Below is how New England players finished the grueling and arduous 6 day event now known as Web.Com Q School.

Jon Curran, (MA)              -12/420            T-42                            Nicklaus Tournament

Jeff Curl, (CT)                    -10/422            T-56                            TPC Stadium  (Jeff went low on the toughest of the two courses with a final round -8/64 advancing 50 spots over the field)

Trevor Murphy, (VT)       -8/424              T-73                            Nicklaus Tournament  (Trevor made up ground with final round -5/67 on the Tourney layout.)

Rob Oppenheim, (MA)   -4/428              T-95                            TPC Stadium  (Rob hung in there after a rough week firing a -4/68 on the rugged and dangerous Stadium course)

Patrick Sheehan, (MA)   -3/429              T-105                          TPC Stadium

Mike Ballo, Jr, (CT)        +1/433              T-120                          TPC Stadium (Mike had a rough week. Not an accurate presentation of his talents. I hope he continues his work. I have seen his swing)

Those  two grandsons I was following made their grandpa’s proud this week I am sure.

Justin Thomas                   -15/417            T-32                            TPC Stadium                                                                                               Justin was another player taming the Stadium course in round 6 with a -7/65. I know ‘PT’ is proud along with dad, Mike. Good play.

Jamie Sindelar                  -8/424              T-73                            Nicklaus Tournament                                                                                       I remember watching this young man hit balls under the tutelage of this grandfather and watching Jamie play over the years. Jamie Sindelar is bound to continue the golf story of Horseheads, New York.

I thought it might help readers decipher the impact of how players finished Q School will impact their upcoming year on the Web.Com Tour. How that will all happen is laid out below.

Web.com Tour Membership Classifications based on Q School finish

 After the conclusion of play in the Final Qualifying Stage the contestants in the Final Qualifying Stage will be eligible for 2014 Web.com Tour membership, unless the PGA TOUR, in its sole discretion, elects not to award a membership based on other factors. Contestants who are; under the age of 18; an amateur; or do not become members will be included to determine the following categories as described in the Web.com Tour Tournament Regulations.

Category 2a: Winner and ties of the Web.com Tour Qualifying Tournament Medalist – exempt for the 2014 season and from periodic re-order.

Category 4: Players finishing after the Winner and ties through tenth and ties position – exempt until the third periodic re-order of the 2014 season.

Category 4a: Players finishing after the tenth and ties position through forty-fifth and ties position – exempt until the second periodic re-order of the 2014 season.

Category 18: Players after the forty-fifth and ties position – conditional status for the 2014 season, alternating with seventy-sixth through one hundredth (76-100) positions from the Web.com Tour Regular Season.