Callaway Footwear has a new line of golf shoes tagged Xfer in two soft-spike versions, the Xfer Pro, Xfer Sport, and the Xfer Vibe, a hybrid design each designed to maximize power transfer or in Callaway-speak, “Power Xfer.”

The Xfer platform is a combination of technologies focused on the fundamentals of foot control namely alignment, stability and dynamic traction. The new Xfer minimizes energy loss and transfers more power and control into the swing.

“For the Xfer Pro and Xfer Sport we took our aggregate learning on alignment, stability and traction from the development of our innovative X Cage Pro and X Cage Vibe products and translated it into a totally new outsole incorporating functional secondary tractional elements in addition to state of the art PINS System Softspikes®,” explains Callaway Footwear VP of Product, Jake Pinger. “The Xfer Power Wall, which is integral to the design, is made from a highly durable rubber compound and is arrayed across the lateral edge of the outsole to prevent energy loss by minimizing lateral foot roll while absorbing and releasing power during the load and unload of the golf swing.”

The Xfer Pro also features an internal X Cage and a built-in Superfeet Pro insert. The X Cage wraps the upper around the foot, securing it firmly to the shoe’s outsole as the laces are tightened to reduce energy loss from foot slippage. The Superfeet Pro insert features a deep, structured heel cup that promotes ideal alignment.

Xfer Vibe athletic hybrid features our innovative spikeless outsole co-developed with Vibram. Xfer Power Wall and Triangulated traction technologies are combined with Vibram’s XSTrek, a highly durable rubber compound originally developed for extreme mountain climbing. The result is outstanding stability and grip in all conditions. The Vibe also features a built in Superset Elite insole for superior alignment in a casual hybrid shoe.

“Extensive testing at Vibram’s Performance Center as well as extensive wear-testing in a variety of conditions by scores of golfers have demonstrated to us that the Vibe is the best performing spikeless technology out there,” asserts Pinger. “And we know golfers who prefer soft-spikes to spikeless will have the same reaction to the Xfer™ Pro and Xfer™ Sport.”

All three models are available now with pricing of: Xfer Pro $199, Xfer Sport $149 and Xfer Sport $179.